How to Save Internet data Tips and Trick

How to Save Internet data Tips and Trick
How to Save Internet data Tips and Trick

How to Save Internet data: Perhaps you too will be disturbed by the problem that why my data gets over so quickly. There can be many reasons for this. But today I will give you some tips to reduce your data consumption by adopting them. So let’s start.

Tips No 1

Most of the data will be spent on your WhatsApp. Because most users keep their media downloads in auto mode. The videos or photos which you do not work on your work will also be downloaded. So you keep them off and shut down auto download mode in any other app.

WhatsApp -> Settings -> Data Usage -> When using mobile data

Tips No 2

Do not watch YouTube videos or TV channels in an inefficient full HD or HD. You can also see them with clarity in 360p resolution. Viewing in more resolutions results in many data losses.

Tips No 3

You might have noticed that when you play games, ads will also appear on your mobile. The reason for this is to stay on your mobile data Because of which this ads-pop-up come and your data is also spent. So always keep the data off while playing a game. It will also allow you to enjoy playing ad-free games.

Tips No 4

You can also save your data by downloading the video. Now you can watch a song or a movie online, but more data is spent. If you download it then it will be less consumed.

Tips No 5

The number of apps installed on your phone will be updated automatically if you have it on the Play store. Nowadays, updates to many apps remain on the go. Being in auto-updates keeps your data exposed without your knowledge. So you can turn off this setting from Play Store. And manually update the app that needs to be updated.
Open Play store > Three Line > Setting > Auto-Update Apps
Tips No 6
If you use the Chrome browser, here too you can save data by doing some settings. The option of Data Saver remains in Chrome’s settings, if you turn it on, then 50 percent of your internet data can be stored.
Open Chrome Browser > Three Line > Setting > Data Saver > On

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